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Uno Card / 16 September, 2019

If you are looking for an exciting , try UNO! Each player gets 7 UNO cards. For playing, pair one of your cards with the card already issued. A successful early player who finishes all his cards wins the game. After that, all the players calculate their respective scores. The game continues until someone gets 500 points. After you understand the basic rules of the UNO game, you can work on changing the game to enjoy new challenges.



Enter the game

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Shake the cards and remove 7 cards for each player. Prepare a pack of UNO cards and shake the 108 cards. After that, distribute 7 cards to each person who wants to play. Asking each player to put their cards upside down (face down). [1]

You can play this game with 2-10 players. Each player must be at least 7 years old.

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Save the remaining cards in the middle of the table. Make sure the cards in this stack are placed in a position facing the bottom. While the game is in progress, this pile is intended to be used by players to take new cards. [2]

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Take and open the very top card from the deck of cards to start the game. Place the top card next to the stack of cards in an open position. This card is used to start playing and coincide with the game, the card is going to be a “dump” pile. [3]

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number, word or symbol as the card that is open in the middle of the table. Ask him to place the card on top of the early disposal card. The next player after that looks at the cards he has to look for cards that can be issued. [4]

For example, if the card that is open in the middle of the table is a number 8 card with a red pattern, you can create any number card with a red pattern or any color card with the number 8.

The game turn usually goes counter-clockwise from the shaker or spreader cards.

Tip: Players can also create free cards, at any time if there are.

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